České Budějovice Airport is open from  08:00 to sunset. Handling: +420 725 502 738.

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České Budějovice

Learn about České Budějovice

A royal city founded at the confluence of the Malše and Vltava rivers, with the second largest square in the Czech Republic.

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Český Krumlov

Visit Český Krumlov

The pearl of Southern Bohemia, registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List, with one of the largest châteaux in Central Europe.

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Hluboká nad Vltavou

Enjoy Hluboká nad Vltavou

One of the most romantic châteaux in the Czech Republic offers a wide range of experiences for sportsmen, fans of animals, arts or good gastronomy in its surroundings.

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Do not miss Holašovice

A South Bohemian village full of buildings with the typical rustic baroque which is therefore registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Take a rest in the Lipno region

Lipno is the largest artificial lake in the Czech Republic, which is also called the South Bohemian Sea. Here, the beautiful South Bohemian landscape is mixed with unique monuments.

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