Welcome to České Budějovice Airport

The airport is situated 6 km south of České Budějovice, near the town of Planá. The access is indicated by the indicative traffic signs “LETIŠTĚ” (Airport). The “TERMINAL” and “PARKOVIŠTĚ” (parking) signs are visible immediately upon entering the premises, including the directing traffic signs.

Kiss and GO zone: use the short-term parking outside the TERMINAL for baggage unloading, passenger disembarkation.

Free parking: the car park behind the headquarters building is intended for long-term parking – again follow the traffic signs

When entering the public part of the TERMINAL, passengers should follow the information boards and instructions of the airport personnel.

We provide passport and customs handling services which need to be ordered in advance.

We will ensure the check-in of disabled persons.

If required, we are able to secure screening and SRA.

phone: +420 725 502 738
e-mail: handling@airport-cb.cz