Safety Report

Dear employees, flight crew members, flight operators and other personnel responsible for operations.
As a part of the implemented Safety Management System (SMS), with the aim of continuously improving the operational safety and quality of the services provided at the České Budějovice Airport – LKCS, we hereby request you to cooperate with our Safety Team. We will be pleased to receive your comments or notification of any safety incident or facts which, in your opinion, are not in line with the operational safety and pose a potential risk to the airport or to the air traffic.To express your opinion or to describe a safety incident, please use the “Safety Report” form, which, once completed, shall be placed in the box marked “Safety Box”. One box is located in the public area of the terminal building, another one is on the right side of the access road at the entrance to the airport premises. The report can also be e-mailed to or submitted on-line using a form below.
The safety incident reports are managed in accordance with the principles of the corporate just culture ensuring confidentiality and impunity. Your observations will be professionally assessed and feedback will be provided to the reporting person. In the case of an anonymous report, feedback will be provided on our website.

We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for participating in ensuring and improving the operational safety and quality of the services provided at České Budějovice Airport.
for the Safety Team of České Budějovice Airport

Safety – Safety Report

    The main priority of České Budějovice Airport
    is air traffic safety.

    Please describe below the incident in which you identified the potential security risk requiring our review.

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