Information Technology Protection

Jihočeské letiště České Budějovice a. s., a company operating the largest international airport in South Bohemia, is aware of the fact that a crucial part of ensuring the safety of passengers, employees of and visitors to České Budějovice Airport is the protection of information technology. Jihočeské letiště České Budějovice a. s. attempts to achieve the highest possible level of cyber security. The purpose of information security is to protect information and property against theft, corruption or natural disaster, whereas the information and property must remain accessible and productive for the assumed users.

This implies that this is not only about technical security, but also about the overall implementation of the cyber security standards and strict compliance with operating procedures. The cyber security standards have been developed relatively recently, as the sensitive information stored in computers connected to the Internet has only been increasing in volume in the recent years.
Jihočeské letiště České Budějovice a. s. ensures effective cyber security to the extent of legal, organisational, technical and educational instruments to protect information in cyberspace. Cyber security includes, in particular, preventive and reactive measures to be implemented by the attacked entities in the event of cyber incidents.

Cyber defence as a part of ensuring the security of the Czech Republic includes highly specialised activities of an active nature aimed at defending the state, i.e. ensuring protection against serious attacks which can no longer be managed by common cyber security instruments.

In terms of cyber security, Jihočeské letiště České Budějovice a. s. employs qualified experts who ensure the maximum level of protection of the services or systems against cyber attacks and their consequences.